Pay as you go. No upfront fees.

We want to make it easy for you to work with our apps. Therefore, we added the ability to sign up for our apps and also pay the subscription pricing directly from within the app. However, if you have questions and would want to go through the details with us – we are always here for you.

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Why Productivity by NAV-X for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Easy to use

The functionality in our Productivity Application is designed to be easy to use and simple to maintain. You can get started in a few minutes and you can easily change the functionality in use, if you business process change. No training required, no long implementation times – all is available in our online help.

Fully Integrated

The Productivity by NAV-X application is fully integrated into Business Central and provides you with the option utilize the functionality you want and need the way you need it when you need it.

No modifications needed

Instead of spending a lot of efforts on creating functionality you need in Business Central and on maintaining these modifications, we provide the functionality for you and maintain it for you. As an App published on AppSource, we are required to always ensure that the functionality works with any future version of Business Central.

Continuous enhancements

We always want your feedback and we do listen to our customers. Do you have a request for functionality that is not available yet? Do you think a specific process is a bit complicated? Contact us and let us know your thoughts – we will listen and enhance our products.

Do you have questions?

Choosing the right functionality for you can be tough. There are a lot of things to consider. Does the solution have the functionality you require? What are the costs? Those are only a few questions that you might have. We are here to help you answer any questions you might have. Just contact us.

Productivity by NAV-X is available on Microsoft AppSource. You can download it directly from there and add it to your tenant. There is no lengthy setup process – no waiting for registration keys. You can start using the functionality right away.